Campaign to get Nirvana to the Christmas Number 1 Spot

Soon to be debated on radio shows and more, once again there is a campaign to get a song to the top of the Christmas Number 1 Spot in the UK. Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is the chosen song for this years campaign. The campaign this year is a little different to the copy cat campaigns of last year and possibly the most worthwhile since the original Rage Against the Machine campaign back in 2009.

Yet again, the campaign is to beat the most likely to be number 1 X Factor winner and trounce it at a time where the X Factor is seemingly loosing viewers and interest in the public is waining. However, this year it comes with another sting in it’s tail.

However, this years campaign has been made extra special over the name ‘Rhythmix’. One of the bands in the show has the same name as a Children’s Charity also called Rhythmix and allegedly SyCo have told the charity they are going to be needing lawyers soon for infringing on a trademark, depite the fact the charity have been going since the X Factor began this series.

As to why use Teen Spirit over any other (and possibly better) Nirvana songs.

Because it’s their most well-known song. Yes tracks like ‘Heart Shaped Box’ and ‘Tourettes’ etc are awesome tunes, but to actually get the No.1 we’ll need a lot of mainstream sales…and these guys know Teen Spirit the best. Besides…imagine going to a Christmas/New Years party and being able to mosh to the Christmas No.1? It felt good in 2009 so it’s about time we did it again! – Campaign Page

For full details and share the campaign at the official Facebook page -

They also have a twitter account –!/NirvanaForNo1

This is all assuming that the either the X Factor winner or Smells Like Teen Spirit actually prevail in the battle.