Viktor Hertz Music Posters. Also, The Wall Immersion Boxset Details

We always like to see interesting pieces of art or a incredibly stunning music video. Viktor Hertz made some simplistic (if a tad Portal like) posters for songs and artists. A clever use of iconography and a great theme they couldn’t help but create a bit of a smile.

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Pink Floyd’s The Wall Immersion Boxset Details have been released. Seven discs will be included, six CD’s and a DVD will make up the entire package. However unlike Dark Side Of The Moon and Wish You Were Here there seems to be a lack of a 5.1 treatment, which I think those of us who like surround sound mixes find astonishing considering it is The Wall! A petition has been started to see if EMI will change their mind.

The first two discs are a remastered version of The Wall. The next two are live versions of the album. The big wow factor comes from discs 5 and 6. Roger Waters original demos as well as band demos including David Gilmore’s ‘Comfortably Numb’ demo. Disc 7 is the DVD with various features including a restored Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 Promo clip and behind the scenes.

Full track list can be seen at the link below. For now here is a program by PRX which features a clip of the ‘Money’ Demo. (It is in part 1)


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