Update on the Sony Centre Burnt Down during London Riots… (May have been robbery and arson to cover it up)

Various stories have come from the riots earlier in August but recently some more details about the depths of issues caused due to the Sony Centre warehouse that was attacked during the riots.

XL Records and other smaller independent labels had a vast amount of stock placed at the facility. Even the UK Independent Film business has received a similar fate of worry after a mass of their stock was destroyed. However, the Telegraph has been reporting that not all this stock lost was actually destroyed.

First reports suggested that the attack on the centre was plain arson. Conversely it seems that now the Telegraph is reporting that the arson was a cover up for a robbery that took place during the riots as a guise. Lots of stock may well have been stolen and loaded into the back of vans and then whisked away.

In other related news, a donation fund was set up to help those companies who have lost stock out of the 1.5 million estimated CD’s destroyed (or possibly robbed) during the riots.

Either way, I’m going to go listen to my new CD’s that I got off some shady guy in Hackney from his car boot. Tonnes of Radiohead, White Stripes, MIA, Adele, Beck and other CD’s were there. You can only wonder where they were.