Weird Al Birmingham O2 Academy December 2nd 2010

Before I even begin let me clarify this, there is simply no feasible way I will accurately be able to portray how fantastic and near perfect this show was, especially for an Al fan like myself. To say it is indescribable would be a lie (as then I would be describing it would I not?) So, venture into my encounter into the Wacky World of the Weird Al Experience.

Starting of with a montage of bizarre clips (a lot I have spied on the old tube and actually oddly enough quoted as they came on, the looks my friend and I got were quite humours and bizarre.) Weird Al came on to the latest Polka Medley, a series of the top 10 hits over the last 3 years, most of which would normally turn me off and get me angry however for once I enjoyed listening to Lady Gaga and such. Odd how Al can do that really! Al then came to the microphone and explained in the perfect casual manner “We are already about half way through the show but I think it is about time for the obligatory DRUM SOLO!!” And what a drum solo, two hits on the snare a whack on the bass drum and one more hit on the snare! Phenomenal! Followed by a more obscure fan core song, Frank’s TV 2000, it is quite a funny song but definitely able to be skipped in my opinion. Still quite awesome! After a quick exit from the stage and some video clips from Al TV and various other Weird Al paraphernalia, Al returned to do “You Don’t Love Me Anymore”, a ballad about all the things his ex girlfriend is doing that makes it apparent she doesn’t love him anymore (oddly enough). Throughout Al keeps getting ready to take his guitar and play in the end just smashing it up on stage to a roar of thunderous applause!

One of the best Al parody’s afterwards, with the band even dressing up to accommodate the grunge look of Nirvana, of course it was “Smells Like Nirvana!” hilarious brilliant and sporting 2 cheerleaders on stage (echoed from the video). It was by far one of the highlights for me on the night! Weezer stylized “Skipper Dan” followed, giving the audience a treat with one of the latest releases (of the Internet Leaks EP)

Courtesy of Vixen1587 on Youtube

Next was the hilariously brilliant “You’re Pitiful”. The song was rowed over by Atlantic Records (Blunts record label) and they refused Al permission to release the song, something Al wasn’t bitter about at all. It wasn’t like he started undressing himself in a Blunt like fashion revealing obscure costumes and T-shirts including a tutu and a shirt declaring “Atlantic Still Sucks”. No, Al didn’t do that at all, I swear.

A much older staple of the Al Set list, Dare to be Stupid came after. A parody of in the style of DEVO, with the band adorning costumes that might have been stolen from the DEVO dressing room at some point.

The White Stripes style song “CNR” fresh from his latest album and EP followed to immense cheer. It seemed the new material the crowd was already fully accustomed to. The song details about the magnificent feats Charles Nelson Riley has accomplished in a manner similar to the famous Chuck Norris facts. After several songs, including the Green Day parody of American Idiot; which had a gigantic explosion of confetti and streamers pour from the ceiling, and Wanna B Ur Lovr (which my friend and I proceeded to get a high five from Al as he walked through the crowd); came the Al Medley. Various hits were segued into a mad 10 minutes including, Money For Nothing/Beverly Hillbillies, Another One Rides the Bus, Trapped in the Drive Thru and Eat it.

After a short break and some video clips, Al came back on stage looking like Jim Morrison for the new “Craigslist” song. The best was yet to come and boy it was going to be orgasmic. The brilliant Amish Paradise shortly followed to a chanting choir of the lyrics from the crowd with a manner of hand waving. One of the highlights of the night.

From “Straight Outta Lynwood” was the riproaringly nerdy song, White and Nerdy. Al burst onto stage riding a segway. It was chaotic and the entire band donned pink shirts, high trousers and glasses to help out with the vocals. After all, it is nearly impossible to rap this song all the way through without taking a breathe and choking. Another one of the must see moments, on the contrary the whole concert is a must see.

Courtesy of Vixen1587 on Youtube

Michael Jackson parody “Fat” followed, when a bloated Al in a buckle covered fat suit came onto stage. With excessive “ho”-ing, Santa Clause came on to stage proclaiming “Ho Ho Ho” and carrying a garden hoe. Santa was obviously then killed, what is better than that? This seemed to be the last song, but naturally the audience demanded for an encore. After a period that felt like forever, keyboardist Ruben Valtierra returned to the stage wearing a cloak. With the lights down low, and as someone in the crowd shouted “play some jazz”, Ruben jolted into Toccata by Bach. Al and the rest of the band returned to the stage as they kicked into a song called “Cell phones”. In reality this was a gag in relation to a clip played previously during a costume change where Al “interviews” Michael Stipe and they come with a song with the lyrics “We all have cell phones, so come on lets get real. The crowd obligatorily launched their hands in the air clutching their mobiles. Al and the band were clothed in Star Wars like robes, similar to Obi Wan. They began to play “The Sagan Begins”, a song about the first Star Wars film to the tune of American Pie. The finale was “Yoda”, a Kink’s parody of “Lola”. Everyone loved it and sang along to the chorus at full volume attempting to be heard over each other.

This is by far one of the best shows, everything was perfectly coordinated and the fact that my friend and I managed to get to the front of the crowd by a stroke of luck (we bumped into two awesome guys who had an o2 queue jump) made it all the more worthwhile. It was utterly uproarious, musically flawless and visually astonishing. If you hear Weird Al is coming to town, book tickets right away and get to the front of the queue.

Weird Al ticket copy

Ticket for the show

Set list –

  • Polka Face
  • Frank’s TV 2000
  • You Don’t Love Me Anymore
  • Smells Like Nirvana
  • Skipper Dan
  • You’re Pitiful
  • Dare to be Stupid
  • CNR
  • Let me be Your Hog
  • Canadian Idiot
  • Wanna B Ur Lovr
  • Medley – Money For Nothing Beverly Hillbillies/ Whatever You Like/I’m in Luv Wit Da Skipper/Confessions Part 3/eBay/Bedrock Anthem/Another One Rides the Bus/Ode to a Superhero/Trapped in the Drive Thru/Gump/Eat It
  • Craigslist
  • Amish Paradise
  • White & Nerdy
  • Fat
  • Encore:
  • We All Have Cell Phones
  • The Saga Begins
  • Yoda

The Band

  • Weird Al Yankovic – Vocals and Accordion
  • Jim West – Guitar, Backing Vocals
  • Steve Jay – Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Rubén Valtierra – Piano, Backing Vocals
  • Jon Bermuda Schwartz – Drums, Backing Vocals

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Also do not forget, Weird Al’s new album Alpocalypse is out now!