Face Value Blackburn Sept 19th 2009

We arrived in plenty of time at the venue, and as we entered we could see that the venue hadn’t changed much in three years.

We made our way to our allocated seats which happened to be in the Balcony on this occasion. Our seats gave us a rather lofty position and we were able to see the stage and the lighting gantry with ease.

Looking at the stage there had been changes that were visible from our vantage point, most noticeable was the keyboards these appeared to be a Korg Oasys 76 and a Roland Fantom X6 which have replaced the classic vintage synths such as the Prophet 5, the ARP Quadra and the NED Synclavier. Other changes included the Drummer and his kit now being on a drum riser with Hart toms replacing the factory standard Roland toms which were in use in 2006.

Ticket (Copyright Evil Jam)

The Ticket for the show

Time soon passed and the lights dimmed, on came the music that Genesis used in 2007 before they entered the stage whilst the stage was still in darkness the band crept onto the stage and then they burst into a powerful version of Behind The Lines complete with a brilliantly lit light show to match.

This flowed quite well into Turn it on again which was a far better version than the one they performed at the same venue back in 2006.

I was quite surprised that the band attempted the FULL version of Firth of Fifth with keyboardist Tony Cole performing the FULL piano intro faultlessly this was a first for me because back in 2006 this was something that was being discussed amongst the band but I had never thought that they would have done it, but they did it quite successfully.

The show progressed onwards and I recall further Genesis classics such as MAMA and Land Of Confusion being performed again to higher standard than what the band were able to achieve back in 2006.

Although they’re were a few Phil Collins solo numbers which the band were able to perform with equal professionalism such as Another Day In Paradise of which its message is still relervant today.

The interval was soon upon us.

The second set started with another professionally choreographed entrance to the stage with the stage plunged into darkness and the band sneaking on to the I Cant Dance (12 inch version) which again was another master stroke of professionalism.

Face Value (Copyright Evil Jam)

Face Value during a more serene point

The band performed more treasures from the Genesis and Phil Collins albums with vintage treats such as Afterglow which was far better than the version the band were playing back in 2006, Los Endos was next (another first for me as the band were not performing this in 2006)

Los Endos showcased the talents of the drummer Wrex Thompson as well as the versatility of the Roland electronic kit, it also gave lead singer John Wilkinson a chance to rest his vocal chords but Los Endos also brought out lead singer John Wilkinson onto the stage with a guitar to add that extra touch to the song, the band also performed a rather moving version of Carpet Crawlers.

The band returned and performed two encores which consisted of I Know What I like along with elements of the 1992 Genesis old songs medley which I felt Face Value did well and improved on especially three years on from the last time I saw them.

Sadly the show had to end, and so the band closed the whole night with Take Me Home a classic Phil Collins solo number.

Other songs played were, Something Happened On The Way To Heaven, In The Air Tonight, No Son Of Mine, Throwing It All Away.

It was patently obvious from the first song that the light show, the lighting and the lighting cues have changed dramatically from the 2006 series of shows. This is due to a change in lighting personnel and further investment in lights as well as a new lighting structure that gave John Wilkinson a lot more room on stage to interact with the audience.

The lighting for the whole show has clearly been taken back to the drawing board when you compare it to the lighting for the 2006 series of shows and what the band have worked hard at to achieve since then you begin to appreciate just how much value for money the price of the ticket is.

The new lighting structure gave the show a completely different look as well as a different feel, the band seemed to have come on leaps and bounds with the level of professionalism which has been brought up quite a few notches but at no expense to they’re open and friendly manner off stage. As a matter of fact the band where all approachable during the interval and after the show which I think is the real professionalism at work folks.

For more information about Face Value please visit their official website