‘Inside Out’ Nick Mason a Personal History of Pink Floyd

It took me a while to buy this book, that’s because I bought the paperback version as I couldn’t afford the hardback version which in my opinion is worth every penny especially when you consider that the photos are larger for starters.

This book is a rather different book, normally books about music groups are either written by an eager and knowledgeable fan for next to nothing or a journalist whom is paid an unfair amount of monies to write an authorised account of a bands history whilst lacking the passion of the eager fan.

This book is entirely different, this book is written by an insider a person who would have had the perfect opportunity to witness the good times and the low times that being in a band can sometimes bring. This person is non other than Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason.

The book starts whilst the founding members of the group are at polytechnic a place of study we would now call a university, Nick mentions that they are all in studying a course in Architecture. The book takes a progressive route through the band formation, the band career and various album sessions as well as tours.

The book covers Syd Barrett’s entry into the group and his retirement from the group which is all too sad really, it explains how Roger took over the writing and at certain stages lost the plot during the Wall tour.

Although Nick tells the reader about the good times, he is not to shy when it comes to various arguments or unfortunate events and in that regard I must applaud him for being so honest.

I did feel a little let down by the lack of information when it came to the Dark Side of the Moon session but when you consider the book was written in 2005 I am perhaps expecting too much of someone to remember every detail from an album session that was over 33 years ago.

The book is rather humorous in places with tales of road crew going for a wander when they should have been back within 30 minutes to complete the task they were given, another angle is what each member gets up to in there spare time (flying or at least learning to) and Nick does mention his motor racing a fair bit but its never boring.

Nick also mentions various solo projects, as well the mess of the Wall tour and other such difficulties, surprisingly is how Nick tells the story as to how individually the members of Pink Floyd got back together after all the nastiness of the mid eighties to perform at Live 8 to raise a greater awareness to the plight of African’s.

Although the book does not seem to feature the division bell tour in any great detail sadly, which would have perhaps made for a more balanced story.

The book is an excellent read and as it is from the memories of a member of the group it makes for a very interesting angle, Although I suspect as with all bands Pink Floyd have adventures that are not in the public interest the words Nick has written and the story flow very well.

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