Weird Al Live

The parody master himself released a DVD back in 2000, at the start of the DVD revolution. After making his first album in 1984 Yankovic had officially became the prince of parodies! This DVD includes all his biggest hits at the time. Since this DVD Yankovic has released two more albums and won a grammy. His song “White and Nerdy” is one of the most viewed videos on youtube. Yankovic uses his nifty Roland FR 4 accordion and his genius family friendly wit to produce an absolutely amazing show.

Starting with a parody of “Lump” by the Presidents of America (Yankovic has since directed some of their music videos). Yankovic superbly parodies many favourites throughout his set including Michael Jackson’s “Bad”, Madonna’s “Like a Virgin”.

With a range of outfits and catchy witty lyrics Yankovic superbly re catches the comedy scene. After his first album, Yankovic had by now in 1999 established himself well in the music world, earning two Grammy nominations.

During certain songs the screen behind Yankovic and his band would show clips from his hit television show and parts of the music video accompanying the song.

The set ends with an astounding lampoon of “Lola” and “American Pie” both being re-wrote about Star Wars.

Set List –

  • Gump (Lump – Presidents of the United States of America)
  • Polka Power
  • Jerry Springer! (One Week – Barenaked Ladies’)
  • My Baby’s In Love With Eddie Vedder
  • The Night Santa Went Crazy (In the style of many songs)
  • Dare To Be Stupid (In the style of D.E.V.O)
  • It’s all about the Pentiums (It’s all about the Benjamin’s – Puff Daddy)
  • Germs (In the style of Nine Inch Nails)
  • One More Minute (In the Style of “Doo Wop”)
  • Like A Surgeon (Like A Virgin – Madonna)


  • Pretty Fly For A Rabbi (Pretty fly for a white guy – Offspring)
  • Another One Rides The Bus (Another one bites the dust – Queen)
  • I Love Rocky Road (I love rock and roll – Joan Jett and the Blackhearts)
  • Achy Breaky Song (Achy Breaky Heart – Billy Ray Cyrus)
  • Jurassic Park (Macarthur Park – Richard Harris)
  • Grapefruit Diet (Zoot Suit Riot – Cherry Poppin’ Daddies)
  • I Lost On Jeopardy (Jeaopardy – Gerg Kihn)
  • Eat It (Beat it – Michael Jackson)


  • Smells Like Nirvana (Smells like Teen Spirit – Nirvana)
  • Bedrock Anthem (Red hot Chilli Peppers – Under the bridge & Give it away)
  • Amish Paradise (Gangasta’s Paradise – Coolio)
  • Fat (Bad – Michael Jackson)
  • The Saga Begins (American Pie – Don McClean)
  • Yoda (Lola – The Kinks)


  • Weird Al Yankovic – Vocals, accordian and additional synth (Dare to be stupid)
  • Jim West – Guitar, Banjo and backing vocals
  • Steve Jay – Bass and backing vocals
  • Ruben Valtierra – Keyboards/Synthersizer and backing vocals
  • Jon “Bermuda” Schwarts – Drums and drum programming


The polka power medley is incredible; its jolly style of pop, rock and metal songs is a 100% treat. Al and his band manage to stick to the original and parody so spectacularly, even though it is just the 5 of them!
One really exceptional part is how weird al manages to perform non stop even with all the sweat dripping down his face. His back catalogue supports the show, he could easily play any number of songs that would please the crowd.
The biggest highlight is hearing the comedic verses, and being able to hear them again and again.

The effort put into the show is amazing! The detail into costumes is outstanding too. For “Smells like Nirvana”, Al, dresses in a Kurt Cobain styled outfit – with the extra special detail of a left handed guitar.
Al also appears in the fat suit from the video “Fat” and also the amish ensemble from “Amish Paradise”.

Bonus Features

On screen Lyrics, Photo Gallery, Education videos – “Germs and you” and “Crimes of Carelessness” and the music videos for “All about the Pentiums” and “The Saga Begins”. The DVD is also mixed in 5.1 Dolby Surround

The disappointing side is that there wasn’t a larger set. That is the only problem I have with the whole show. If I saw this in person I would be ecstatic. Al delivers throughout. The only other negative point is that there could have been a behind the scenes feature, or a bit more extras.