Genesis – ‘The Video Show’

I had awaited the release of this DVD since the advent of DVD in 2001, with a lot of the promo videos Genesis had done having been released back in the 80’s imaginatively titled Videos 1 and Videos 2 leaving the fans wanting more, add to that the fact that the videos were not in chorological order then you begin to understand the hope that Genesis would see sense when the time was right and do a proper job with the technology of the time available.

Fast forward to Autumn 2004 and the release of “The Video Show “ with advancements in technology such as a format that doesn’t degrade every time you play it and the excellent 5.1 DTS treatment to the sound track of the Videos and you have a sure fire hit.

Having listened to those 5.1 mixes you listen in awe wondering what is coming next, all of what you hear on this DVD is remastered and remixed by Nick Davis at the bands own studio Fisher Lane Farm.

The new mixes reveal instruments or sounds that were previously buried in the mix, the instruments and sounds that were previously present are so clear that in the sound stage you could fool yourself into thinking you were at the session in which the song was recorded.

With this release the videos almost run in order with the exception of the Ray Wilson era of 1997 and Carpet Crawlers 1999 videos at the bottom, With the added extra of the video of “Paperlate“, this is from a performance from May 1982 which was previously traded in a poor VHS form, now here on the DVD with excellent picture quality and the audio perfectly synced (watch Phil almost miss the mimed beat and then stare at Tony and Mike).

No Son Of Mine, I Can’t Dance, Hold On My Heart, Jesus He Knows Me, Tell Me Why. From the 1991 We Cant Dance album.

Invisible Touch, Throwing It All Away, Land Of Confusion, Tonight Tonight Tonight, Anything She Does, In Too Deep. From the 1986 album Invisible Touch.

That’s All, Mama, Illegal Alien, Home By The Sea/Second Home By The Sea. From the 1983 Genesis (also called Shapes/Mama Album).

Paperlate (from Top Of The Pops), Abacab, Keep It Dark, No Reply At All, Man On The Corner. From the 1981 Abacab album

Turn It On Again (film studio version), Duchess, Misunderstanding. From the 1980 Duke album.

Follow You Follow Me, Many Too Many. From the 1978 And Then There Were Three album.

A Trick Of The Tail, Ripples, Robbery Assault and Battery. From the 1976 A Trick Of The Tail album.

Congo, Shipwrecked, Not About Us. From the 1997 Calling All Stations album. Featuring Ray Wilson on Vocals.

Carpet Crawlers 99 From the 1999 Album Hit’s. Featuring Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel on Vocals remixed by Trevor Horn.

The only major gripes are, Why the lack of extras? Why didn’t they include the video to “ I Know What I Like “ and or “ Match Of The Day “ and any possible outtake footage of the video recording sessions?.

Aside from that the video show is well worth the money you get most of the Genesis promotional videos with superb surround sound thanks to Nick Davis all on one DVD. Highlights for me were, The Menu with a lot of thought put into the authoring as it is full of Genesis theme’s and references like Cynthia from A Nursery crime and Albert from Duke, and the excellent surround sound.

Now then how about Genesis consider releasing a DVD of visual outtakes and other stuff Imaginatively titled “Anthology” like the Beatles did a few years ago…