Phil Collins Dance Into The Light at Earls Court 17th December 1997

Phil Collins Dance Into The Light at Earls Court 17th December 1997

I had seen the concert advertised in my local paper as one of those show and coach package deals, So I got the money together and I bought the package deal.

PC Earls Court Ticket

The ticket for the show (Credit, Mark Kenyon/George German III)

FAST forward to Wednesday December 17th and it was a typical cold December, I boarded the coach and relaxed in the knowledge that the coach would take me to the venue and back, and so we set off down the M11 and then onto the A406 and into the east of London and we continued onwards we winded our way through rush hour traffic and we soon arrived up at Earls Court.

Toyota had a display with a Toyota Corolla on the stand because Toyota where sponsoring the tour.

Once inside I noticed how big Earls Court is, I walked past the merchandise desk and returned to it at the end of the show when I bought a tour programme and two tour t shirts and a rather smart polo shirt which costs me the grand sum of £72 pounds down but the merchandise was of a high quality (which after 12 years is still in reasonable condition after countless washes).

I made my way to my seat and got lost and confused so I had to ask a steward who was quite helpful with regard to explaining the map on the back of the ticket and where I should be sat which was in fact closer to the stage, I was surprised to have such a reasonable view of the stage from my seat.

I soon noticed that the stage was in the round, soon enough the lights dimmed and a rather humorous announcement came over the pa about the tour with a rather nautical theme, along with the now obligatory please turn off your mobile phone etc. Then the music of Hand in Hand started….. I could hear Phil but I couldn’t see him at first, until I noticed a solitarily search light way out into the audience, Phil had actually decided to walk through the audience to the stage.

Of course everyone whom was seated got up to witness this one off event, Phil continued to walk through the audience and he sang the vocal exercises that Hand In Hand gives him.

Phil entered the stage just in time for his drum part; the lighting crew took the words ‘Dance into the Light tour’ seriously because by now the stage was a wash with brilliant white lighting.

Phil and the rest of the band were quite lively on stage and they made the most of the fact that it was in the round, the audience on each side of the round stage got a darn good view of Phil and the band throughout the whole performance.

Highlights of the show

In the air tonight, Wow what a performance starting with a long instrumental introduction whilst the other musicians were I suspect having a cuppa or going to the toilet. The most awe inspiring moment was when Phil came on stage and started to sing in a rather moody fashion. Phil got behind his drum kit and he proceeded to play one of the most famous drum beats which came to life for the whole audience to witness.

Wear my hat a great live song it worked so well what with the band swapping hats and then throwing them into the audience who of course threw them back.

Sussudio great live a real happy song to pick up the mood. I really liked the confetti streaming down and everyone looked like they were in a party mood.

Timbantiocha an excellent piece, Phil and Ricky on the drums with Luis on the percussion then the rest of the band join in with drums a fantastic piece I really enjoyed it I wish it had lasted a bit longer, it most certainly made the concert worth the money in my opinion.

Itinerary Earls Court PC

The tour itineary page for the show (Credit, Mark Kenyon)

This was my first concert appearance and I was quite surprised by a lot of what I saw in terms of the light show etc, Of course I had never seen Phil and his band live before either.

The sound was excellent and far better than I had ever heard Phil and the band on my stereo at home.

I had a great night and sadly I had to wait nearly eight years to see Phil and his band with such a large production again.

The Band

Phil Collins – Vocals / Drums / Toms / Keyboards / Piano
Ronnie Caryl – Guitar
Brad Cole – Keyboards
Luis Conte – Percussion
Nathan East – Bass / Backing Vocals
Daniel Fornero – Trumpet
Amy Keys – Backing Vocals
Harry Kim – Trumpet
Ricky Lawson – Drums
Arnold McCuller – Backing Vocals
Daryl Stuermer – Guitar
Arturo Velasco – Trombone
Andrew Woolfolk – Saxophone


pcearls (3)

Phil walks around the stage during In The Air Tonight (Photo Credit, Mark Kenyon)

The Set List

  • Hand in hand
  • Hang in long enough
  • Don’t lose my number
  • River so wide
  • Take me down
  • I wish it would rain down
  • Another day in paradise
  • Can’t turn back the years
  • Against all odds
  • Lorenzo
  • Separate lives
  • Both sides of the story
  • Do you remember?
  • Long long way to go
  • One more night

Musical Interlude (intermission) “This mainly featured Keyboard player Brad Cole being expressive with the percussion samples on his keyboard”

  • In the air tonight
  • Timbantiocha (everyone playing drums of one kind or another)
  • Easy lover
  • Dance into the light
  • Wear my hat
  • You can’t hurry love
  • Two hearts
  • Something happened on the way to heaven
  • Sussudio
  • Always
  • Take me home

A great night I wish I could relive this one, a brilliant set list. Sadly as I left the venue it was raining and quite windy but it didn’t ruin what a great night I had.

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